Franklin Grove provides transitional housing and supportive services to men and women exiting Virginia's prisons.

Our residents come to us from prison homeless.

We have 4 locations across Greater Richmond, where we served 411 men and women in housing programs in 2018. We also provided over 450,000 meals and drove 40,328 miles taking clients to appointments in 2018.

Since our inception, we have helped over 3,800 clients, offering opportunities to our clients to transition to a life of self-sufficiency.
Our staff of counselors, clinicians, substance abuse counselors, and residential counselors provide support and services needed for success.

Our recidivism rate is less than 10% and ZERO percent where clients remain in our mental health program.
What we are best at

Our Services

Four locations provide housing and supportive services.
Work closely with residents to ensure job readiness and assist with placement.
Case managers connect you to needed resources.

Other Services

Permanent Housing
Mental Health Skill Building
Substance Abuse Counseling
Staff Attorneys Available
Transportation Assistance
Wellness Program